Salute to the Army Families !!!

The one profession that always fascinated me from my childhood days (from the time I gained some sense to think about professions) was being an army person. Then as I grew with time; both in age and thoughts, I reached to a conclusion that it’s not a job. It is not even a profession, its something much more than that. It’s about dedication and inclination towards the respect of our nation, the one which we are born in. Job is a small word for it, it diminishes the real value of it, it is a responsibility that money cannot buy.

Though the thought of being in army slowly and slowly subsided, the urge to dig more into it surfaced. Being in army, as I have learned from things around, is just not about a person defending his or her country’s border, or is not about a person who lives on some -25 degree Celsius check post, it’s not just about him, it’s about the complete family and I, hereby, with all liberty , name them as the Army family.

It is difficult to leave your family to be posted on some undulated terrain, but it is even harder to be the one who is left behind to face similar undulating conditions on personal, social and household levels. It is often said that army families are those royal families with many privileges, and a different sort of life style. They will make you feel that you lack all sort of disciplines when you are vicinity of them, but will also grace you with their presence from their behavioral manners and high level of awareness on every matter, after all, they are contributing to our safety.

But is it all glorious as it seems? Maybe not.

Recently I read an article titled ‘What it takes to be an army wife’, in THE HINDU, excerpts from it are—

‘I got baptized into the army six years ago, when I got married to a ‘fauji’ (soldier). While my husband reported for duty soon afterwards  I sat at home, my heart brimming with nervous anticipation of the dinner parties, ballroom dance events and other exciting stuff that made for the “royal life” of army officers and their wives.’

‘But my excitement was short lived, because soon I realized that life in the army was no ball room dancing. It is very demanding and comes with its pleasures as well as pains.’

‘And here I was, in the Indian army, among the best dressed and finest ladies one can ever find. The most important lesson I learned was ‘humility.’

(Written by Mrs. Subha Sunny—

 (  )

It takes courage to say yes to a person who will always be on the move. Packing and unpacking will be on the list every times, but it’s also comforting to know that its for the country. ‘Our home is where army sends us’ she writes.
And talking about army kids, constant moving, difficulty in making and keeping friends, parents who may leave for months at a moment’s notice, extra responsibilities, loneliness, missed birthdays and holidays, constant fear that this time mom or dad may never come home. That is what really sums down the life of an army kid.

We can never understand what it really feels to be in such a position, unless we are in that position. What we can do is to salute these people, not only the soldiers who are fighting day and night for us, but also for their wives and kids and family who gives them strength to go forward and face the enemies, knowing very well that maybe there will be no returning back.

Salute to that mother who sent her son to face the fear, for the sake of that country.

 Salute to that wife who provides a constant support to her man.

 Salute to those kids who know that their father and mother are the protectors of the nation and never complaining about it but molding themselves according to the situation.

 Salute to the ‘ARMY FAMILIES’.

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‘Next Semester?’ , ‘Absent Sir !!’

‘This place, good times, bad times, great friends, pathetic teachers and hostel masti (fun), you all will be missed’ read one of my friends Whatsapp status. A day later, she changed it to, ‘Last night in room no.205.’

     Her status are quite an evidence of what emotional connect she started to have with the place we call college. The tough part is the end, which signifies a new path for our future but the feelings and emotions of it are more overpowering in front of the happiness of completing graduation. You were destined to complete it from the very moment you kept your first step in college, and you were destined to miss all your other steps those lead you to your last one. Moreover, the last moment, when you stand and look behind at a place where you learned to live by yourself, where you made mistakes and learnt from them, where you planted the flower of friendship, for the very last time, you are even destined to accessorize it with your tears.

                        ‘Next semester?’ you asked, ‘Absent’ said life. There are no proxies in real life, either you have the next or you do not, and when you do not, you realize the true essence of what you had. It is ironical that feeling of loosing something overshadows the one of gaining the other. All those lovely days of hostel will be missed when you rent a room near your office in some strange city, all alone, just with the memories of that small hostel room which contained so much happiness and fun. All those lovely days will be missed when you return to your place to find just you and not a crowd in your room waiting for you to watch the next episode of some of your favorite television series. These lovely college days will be missed when you will be in need of some desperate advice, and a full round table conference would take place to solve your little problems, hostel will be missed then.

              However, that is the essence of life, to keep up with the pace, to move on. We cannot just linger upon one thing and achieve the other, that’s quite not possible. But it’s possible to gather all those great feelings with you, packed and sealed, as remembrances. Taking pictures at your favorite spots in college, with your favorite people, to create an epic moment. You can exchange hand written notes and cards with your friends, because even today, it feels great when you are gifted with something hand-made, as it’s bought with emotions and not paper. And when on some lonely drizzling night after hectic office hours you open that box of your memory, you’ll free refreshed by seeing the smile of your best friend who drove you nuts, or the friend who proxied you in lectures you missed, hundred times, and that person who wrote in his bad handwriting some very good thoughts.

              It’s a different feeling to be in the last semester, though I am in my second year and two more years are left, but I can tell from the things we see around us that it’s a heart breaking feeling to live those last college days with the fact quite right in your head that-there will be no next semester. No new year, no new teachers, no new tricks to try on them, no new group fights and no those birthday lights, no next late night studies, and no new together-trips because there will be no next semester.

              What can I say in last? To those who are experiencing this make sure you tick off each and every thing that’s on your bucket list because it’s the last chance and there are no retakes in life. And to those who are like me, still experiencing the joy of college life, let’s just live it the way it comes. On the ending note, I would just like to say that no matter what we miss, the only thing we dearly wish is for –the next semester.    

I am Free !!!!

Guest Writer– Anurag Bhardwaj

I wanna fall so you can pick me up,

I wanna scream, until it hurts.

I wanna jump so you can raise me high,

I wanna push until I get it right.


I am free, free for the things that will make you mine,

That’s why, I am free.


I wanna weep, so can make me smile,

I wanna kiss you, until you are mine.

I wanna show, so you can read my eyes.

I wanna love until you like.

I wanna hold you in my arms.

Show you what that’s like


Because I am free, free for things that you like,

                                                                                     That’s why I am free.

He writes–

‘Writing for me is just a way of expressing myself. No fancy words, no expert writing skills. I write what is in my heart, and I write when I think it’s time.’


Thanks Anurag for this lovely short poem. Know more about him-

Unknowingly WE !!!

Got my first guest writer. Thanks to her for sharing  this wonderful poetic creation.

Guest Writer–Priyanka Bajaj

Those smiles from the strangers,,

the simplest of gestures spread the joy!!

Laughs of the unknown children,,

brings sunshine to our heart and

keeps the glum away!!

Attention grabbed by the plight of beggars,,

this is the time when our humanity listen!!

We notice gloomy eyes of stray dogs,,

starving and left abused,,

leaves our soul bruised with adversity!!

An ambulance running down the lane,,

poor relatives murmuring prayers,,

silently our heart utters AMEN!!

At the road side, laborers sweat,,

makes us realize about their stress for debts!!

Across the lane, we see policemen,,

rendering services in abundance,,

fills our chest with pride!!

Not all the relations are framed 

by blood and destiny,,

some are put together by mankind !!

Unknowingly every soul unites in

one’s joy and cry,,

this is the nature’s law,,

we all are abided by!!

                                                                                          © Priyanka Bajaj

About the writer–


She writes–
For me poetry is,

p – pouring words

o – on the paper to

e – express in parts

t – thoughts from me

r – right to

y – your heart.

Reader’s Feedback are kindly welcomed. 

My email id:-

I run a blog of my own, do visit to read more of my creations. Thanks.  ‘

Thanks Priyanka…
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The ‘Travelling’ Memories

Travelling is a great fun. Summer vacations, family functions, business matters or maybe just the passion, there can be any reason for hitting the road. It is just not travelling from one place to another, or not just packing up things in one bag, its more than that for us, we the Indians.

           We usually have emotions and feelings attached to everything and anything around us; from a television show to a novel, from an old sari you wore at your sisters friends cousin’s wedding or to a broken photo frame which had your childhood pic since last 10 years. We know how to find a way to stay connected.That’s a good thing actually but it has resulted in a load of trash, which I consider it is, in our storeroom (but I think I kind of love that trash, so just strike that line out). Actually, it’s good to hold on to our memories but the problem is that we don’t know where to stop. There is no dead end, we just keep on collecting things and tagging them with some or the other incidents that had happened once a decade before and then to add we cannot resist displaying it whenever some guest or anyone who pretends to be interested in it comes in the vicinity of our memory web.

        But this is not an article about all this, its about travelling and lets come back to the topic. So like many other things in India, we try to beautify even our journey, short or long, doesn’t matter, and if you are travelling by train than you ought to see the mix of culture and aroma (of all that homemade food we carry with us) travel with us. Trains are second home for us I guess. We’ll pack all sort of things, even plates and glasses and spoons and what not and will transform the compartment into some family get together thing, sharing with strangers and chatting like old friends do. I think no one is a ‘stranger’ in India. We all, in some or the other ways ,are connected by our habits and preferences, and by the joy of traveling.

                     While travelling by a train, the best part for me is the beauty of the landscape that you get to see. The transition from farmlands to grasslands to just sandy plains, you feel the diversity creep slowly and slowly into you. You feel the transition, change of culture as you travel from one state to another or even between cities. And I have to agree that that home cooked food my mom manages on each of our trip is just outstanding, and yes how can we forget a cup of tea on railway stations, they carry a different essence of their own.

                    We do things a grand way.And we even create memories during travelling as well. Who we met, how we met and what not, we remember it all and yes we do pass it on by telling stories once the journey is over. We love to remember even the small details of it, we may not be daily-diary-dear-diary type of people (I can never write a daily diary, though I have tried a many times), but we manage to just store our feelings in non-living things to give them a living touch. It is just like creating horcruxes of our memories, to store them in something.

           I really got this one quite mixed up. From travelling to feelings and memories, all connected in a way. But that’s the essence of the country we live in, its connects everything, everyone.

            This article was going to be about how we should move on and things and what’s travelling for us and all that ‘stuff’ (I hope Miranda Priestly will not be reading this or i’ll get the history of some other ‘Stuff’), but maybe we are the best the way we are. We love to be a part of our past, good or bad, we love to attach feeling to things, and that’s what make us what we are. We are Indians; we love to connect the dots.

(P.S. – I love traveling by train and really love eating and sleeping on the top most berth, and have some great memories of it which I may (be) share someday sometime. And as Oprah says it—live your best life🙂 )


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‘Living’ Sticky Notes !!!

There are different kinds and types of people who surround in this world. We click with some and term them as ‘friends’ and others who are not our friends are termed with many other names from our notorious inbuilt dictionary. We all have this in us, these dictionaries with different words that pop out, time and again.

                One such category in my dictionary is ‘the sticky notes’. So, these are those kind of people who you know you don’t like, less want to meat. They are the ones who test your patience and level of modesty. They will stick around you whenever they see an opportunity to do and will bore you with their side of the story which generally is gossip that too someone else’s version. And the best part is (or the worse), is that you never get rid of them. You can shout, abuse and humiliate, but BOOM! They will return in a day or two with a higher level of irritancy this time.

       There is one I know who calls me and if I don’t pick up the call, he’ll show up right in front of my gate with his everlasting smile, which is a symbol of impending disaster. Take one more, this one is no less than the FBI. He would like to know every detail of what you have studied or what your plans are, but the catch is he himself will keep the shutters of his side of the strongly locked. There is one more, this one will not show his face for decades and one fine morning, he would shine like the rising sun, so that you can help him with his impending work as if you do not have anything better to do. The list is quite long I think. These people will annoy you, they will test you and will never leave you there are the ‘the sticky notes’.

           You have no cure for these types of problems. But they really make me think that what purpose do all these people have in our life as I believe that almighty will not design something just for annoy his other sons. Are they here to teach us that this world is full with many bastards who will try to kick you out of the arena, or maybe they are here to make more patient and calm? I did shouted once on one such categorical being and it made me feel god, but we are back on the previous track, he and me. So, what’s the catch here. The answer is yet to be searched. But till then we have to, anyhow, live our lives with these ‘Sticky notes’.